NSSM - the Non-Sucking Service Manager

Current translations

As of version 2.13 nssm can be translated into languages other than English.

The languages currently supported are:

Call for translations

I welcome contributions of translations to other languages. To submit a translation you need to edit messages.mc and nssm.rc.

Consider the French translation as an example.

LanguageNames =

The additional language is defined in the LanguageNames section.

MessageId = +1
Severity = Informational
Language = English
The full path to %s is too long!
Language = French
Le chemin complet vers %s est trop long!

Each message has a list of translations (including English) separated by lines containing only a single dot. Every language declared in LanguageNames requires an entry for every message. Add a dummy translation for any message you are not able to translate completely.

GUI dialogue translations are handled separately. See nssm.rc or load it into Visual Studio for more details.